SharePoint URL redirection solution

Avoid data loss when migrating to SharePoint from Open Text Livelink, Documentum, eRoom, Atlassian Confluence and Xerox Docushare, by utilizing Tzunami Deployer’s URL redirector solution- SharePoint URL redirection and link migration solution.

How to manage links while migrating into a new SharePoint environment?

Tzunami Deployer's Add-on tool is the first of its kind in the field of SharePoint Migration.

It notes all requests on a specific server (your old source server), and then redirects any requests for an item already transferred to its new location in SharePoint. For example migrate links from Documentum to SharePoint. It’s that simple.

Save time and money and maximize your data migration process with our leading URL redirection service. We manage links during migration and redirects in SharePoint. You don’t need to do link fixing after the SharePoint migration. All your existing links will work automatically at your new SharePoint environment also in Confluence to SharePoint migration.

Supported systems: Open Text Livelink, Documentum, eRoom, Atlassian Confluence and Xerox Docushare.

Our SharePoint URL Redirection Add-on gives users uninterrupted access to their content throughout the Migration Process:
  • Preventing Broken Links.
  • Users who access their files from the legacy system are notified about whether or not their content has been migrated, and they are simultaneously provided with the newly created URL in SharePoint.
  • This will prevent users from modifying content that was migrated to SharePoint.
  • Manage the Wiki’s and Blogs migration.
  • Scans the reports of the migrated content and fixes the links from outdated legacy systems.
  • The old links are redirected to a designated SharePoint URL, allowing end-users to access content from their old systems.
  • Solves the problem of internal linkage between files, preventing the loss of important data during the migration process.
  • Customizing the re-director page with your own brand. From simple logos to a complete white-labeling.

Spending time searching for content in the newly migrated SharePoint environment?  We got you covered.